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Study Programmes (六年级)

The Study Programme at 桶 is followed by all of our 六年级 students and is made up of the following components (but please note that many of the activities have been curtailed during the pandemic)

Substantial academic qualifications

All 桶 students begin Year 12 studying 4 A Levels. Many see these through to the end of Year 13, although some may drop the fourth subject once they reach Year 13. 除了, many students complete an Extended Project Qualification to supplement the studies that they are completing for their A Level courses.

Enrichment programme (including work experience)

This is an integral part of the 六年级 curriculum and is delivered predominantly during fortnightly tutorial periods. There is a rolling programme of one-to-one interviews and target setting between tutors and students, which take place throughout the year. Specific issues and targets are discussed, and recorded by the student and tutor.

The Personal Development and Enrichment programme aims to provide students with opportunities to consider both personal issues and those issues concerning them as citizens in the wider community – at the local, national and global level. The programme involves a number of outside agencies or speakers coming into school, to speak to small groups or larger numbers of students. On a small group basis, Sexual and Mental Health are considered within the programme, as well as sessions on Cooking for One, 瑜伽, 事业和UCAS. Whole year group sessions consider living with HIV, issues in the Middle East, testicular cancer as well as other challenging and relevant subject matter, along with talks from artists, actors and people from the world of sports.

也有, as an integral part of the Personal Development and Enrichment programme, a weekly Community Work Experience activity for all Year 12 students. For some students this will take the form of time in school when study may be undertaken for the 桶 体育运动s Leadership Award, which qualifies a student as a coach at a basic level. Community Work Experience may also be undertaken in local primary schools, in Brownie and Scout groups, at a charity shop or with Circles of Support, 例如. This programme aims to develop an understanding of the needs of the wider community and will develop social skills and maturity. Elements in this programme may be accredited to the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, which students may join if they wish.

Other non-qualification activities

On Wednesday afternoons, all Year 12 students take part in Games, choosing from a variety of different sports.

桶 also offers a wide range of opportunities outside of lessons to help students to fully immerse themselves in the life of the school and to develop confidence, character and resilience. There are many clubs and societies and here are just a few of them: 哲学 Society, MedSoc (Medicine Society), 历史 and 政治 Society, 语言的社会, 国际象棋俱乐部, 工程俱乐部, 编程俱乐部, various musical groups (choirs, 管弦乐队, 乐团等.)、戏剧团体(如.g. for the annual school production) and so on.

In many cases, 六年级 students either run these themselves or take leading roles in them, developing the team working, communications and leadership skills that employers often say are lacking in school and college leavers.

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